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Using Bottle Sparklers at your Nightclub

Thursday, November 17th, 2016

Whether you’ve been offering bottle service for many years or you’re just getting started, it can be a great way to boost profits at your bar or nightclub. Selling your customers a full bottle right from the start ensures a large bill for the table while also giving your guests an amazing VIP experience. However, just brining out your bottle service packages to the table alone isn’t going to cut it; you need to add more decoration and flare. The best way to accomplish that is by using bottle sparklers to dress things up and draw as much attention to the table as possible.

Bottle sparklers come in a variety of shapes and colors, but by far the most common are 6 inch ones that burn the color gold. All you have to do is attach one to the neck of a bottle using a black plastic sparkler safety clip and then light the top for the excitement to begin. As soon as your bottle enters your room with a sparkler attached to it, you’ll instantly see every head in the room turn and sales will go up almost immediately.

Like most items you stock in your bar or nightclub, the quality of your bottle sparklers matters. If you buy cheap bottle sparklers, they will not last very long and will not shoot sparks as high into the air. At the same time, you want to buy in large quantities so you can get a reasonable price since you’ll be using them quite frequently, so you want to balance those two aspects carefully. Ordering from a reputable company like Sparkler City for your bottle sparkler needs is always a great choice because they stock the highest quality premium bottle sparklers available and sell them in bulk quantities so you can get a great price. It’s important to buy from a name you can trust, and if you take the time to research it online, there is no other company that is as highly rated as Sparkler City when it comes to professional grade bottle sparklers.