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Tips for Moving to Sedona

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

There is a place where people can raise their family or retire in a luxurious, resort style environment: the small, vibrant city of Sedona, Arizona. Also known as “red rock country”, the striking desert panorama of Sedona lures families and celebrities alike.

Relocating anywhere can be difficult; however, relocating to Sedona has a unique set of challenges. Land availability in Sedona is limited and sprawl is restricted because of the mountainous terrain. More than half the land had already been built out ten years ago. Developers predict that all remaining property will be purchased and built on by 2015.

Since the availability of property continues to wane, the demand is skyrocketing, and the relatively small population (around 12,000) is climbing quickly. What that means for those planning to relocate is that options may be more limited than you’d prefer. If you’re considering relocating to Sedona, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Find the Right House

Anticipate a major home renovation. While you’re house-shopping, consider buying a home with remodeling potential in case you can’t find the perfect one. The Sedona home remodeling industry is booming because homeowners are upgrading their homes instead of building new ones, so there are plenty of home designers eager to undertake any major home renovation.

Bring a home designer along. Bring your home designer with you to look at houses; a designer can point out the remodeling potential of each one, any challenges you might not think of, and assess the structural support. Consider interviewing a Sedona home designer now so you can consult with them when you’re ready to find a home you really want, with plenty of remodeling potential.

Consider the logistics. Give careful consideration to how you want your relocation to go. If you’ve ever had a major home renovation, you know how much it can disrupt family life. Is it possible to finish a Sedona home remodeling project before moving? Or should you settle in first and tackle a remodel a few years down the road.

The Sedona Arts Festival

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

2009’s festival begins October 10th and ends October 11th, two days of pure bliss. Saturday it’s open from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and Sunday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Sedona’s Red Rock High School is the venue for the entertainment. This is the nineteenth year for the Sedona Arts Festival. The nonprofit festival encourages everyone to come on out and take in the artists’ creations. You will find over a hundred art and craft offerings, the artists and craftspeople displaying their creations in tents erected for the festival.

The entertainment has not been set for the 2009 Sedona Arts Festival as of this date, but many are hoping to see some of their favorites from past years. In 2008 Larry Redhouse, The Denise Allen Band, Sarah Vanell, Matt Tener, and the Sedona Jazz on the Rocks Youth Band performed. It is very inspiring to see all the talent that appears at the festival. The youth of today must carry our music forward, and when you attend the Sedona Arts Festival you will know we are in good hands.

Kids are welcome and a special section has been devoted to their activities. They will be able to interact with the artists and find their own artistic outlets using colors, clay and collage, expressing themselves while their parents enjoy the festival.

When it comes to food you will be pleasantly surprised with the cuisine at the Arts Festival. In an effort to give you a wide selection of healthy, fun foods the vendors are chosen wisely. You will be able to enjoy your choices while you sit at umbrella-shaded tables and chairs

Admission for this year’s event is a donation of ten dollars per adult. Children under the age of twelve have no donation charge, but must be with an adult. You can get discount coupons by watching for the ads announcing the festival, where adults can save one dollar and senior citizens are treated to two dollars off. Parking is free and so is the shuttle that transports guests to and from the event. No one is left out at festival time as they have ample disabled parking.

The Sedona Arts Festival believes in the continuation of the arts and contributes monies for funding projects, supporting local art programs and scholarships. Many deserving students have been able to pursue a career in Art because of the festival. You are encouraged to stop by the foundations booth for more information or just to say hello and “good job.”

Staying at a beautiful hotel or resort in Sedona will complete your weekend getaway. The resorts offer a range of services to make your Arts Festival outing a success. A dip in the pool followed by a massage is the perfect ending to a day of culture. Bring home the most interesting sculptures or hand crafted jewelry. Native American art from the southwestern tribes will enhance the beauty of anyone’s home, and a large selection is always available.