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Tips for Moving to Sedona

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

There is a place where people can raise their family or retire in a luxurious, resort style environment: the small, vibrant city of Sedona, Arizona. Also known as “red rock country”, the striking desert panorama of Sedona lures families and celebrities alike.

Relocating anywhere can be difficult; however, relocating to Sedona has a unique set of challenges. Land availability in Sedona is limited and sprawl is restricted because of the mountainous terrain. More than half the land had already been built out ten years ago. Developers predict that all remaining property will be purchased and built on by 2015.

Since the availability of property continues to wane, the demand is skyrocketing, and the relatively small population (around 12,000) is climbing quickly. What that means for those planning to relocate is that options may be more limited than you’d prefer. If you’re considering relocating to Sedona, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Find the Right House

Anticipate a major home renovation. While you’re house-shopping, consider buying a home with remodeling potential in case you can’t find the perfect one. The Sedona home remodeling industry is booming because homeowners are upgrading their homes instead of building new ones, so there are plenty of home designers eager to undertake any major home renovation.

Bring a home designer along. Bring your home designer with you to look at houses; a designer can point out the remodeling potential of each one, any challenges you might not think of, and assess the structural support. Consider interviewing a Sedona home designer now so you can consult with them when you’re ready to find a home you really want, with plenty of remodeling potential.

Consider the logistics. Give careful consideration to how you want your relocation to go. If you’ve ever had a major home renovation, you know how much it can disrupt family life. Is it possible to finish a Sedona home remodeling project before moving? Or should you settle in first and tackle a remodel a few years down the road.